Personalized editing services for the modern storyteller

Hey girl, I get it. You’ve been juggling writing posts and captions, creating content, and managing your own business (whether it’s your side hustle or a full time gig), and somewhere along the way you realized that the quantity of what you’re putting out has begun to have an effect on the quality. Listen, I’m not here to call you out on typos (although wouldn’t it be nice to wave goodbye to those bad boys forever?), but I am here to gently remind you that it’s time to get back to the roots of why you love writing in the first place AND take your content to the next level—and that’s where I come in. My personalized editing services will help you define + strengthen your voice, polish your content, and (seriously!) say adios to typos.

I founded Kaeli Todd Co. to help the dreamers and doers, the hardworking creatives, and the entrepreneurial boss babes tell their stories through personalized editorial feedback through every step of the process. I’ve always had a passion for words and truly making them shine, and since I’m a one-woman show, I truly want to cater my editing services specifically to each person I work with.


The way I like to explain it is this: our writing is like home to us. What I mean by that is when we walk into our homes, they don’t have a noticeable aroma to us because we live there. Common writing errors are the same way—we sort of go “blind” to them because our brains KNOW what we meant to say, so when reading our own work back to ourselves our brains automatically skip over those pesky little errors.

So whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, or just a gal with a passion for her Instagram captions, fill out my client questionnaire and let me know alllllll that creative goodness about yourself and your project—I want to know ya, sis!