Why you shouldn’t be afraid to let go

I am a clingy person. But not in the way you’re imagining.

I was at a dinner party last night where I had a conversation with a beautiful new friend about how talented people often live under the constraints of perfectionism. She told me she has a gift she’s hesitant to share because she thinks it isn’t ready or perfect. Others in the room chimed in, saying that they too were caught working and re-working things they’d created, thus leaving them perpetually unfinished. It makes sense that there’s safety in that. Leaving things unfinished allows us room to keep returning to them over and over, making small changes until we forget why we started in the first place.

If you’re anything like me, you’re guilty of this too. There’s a reason my blog has said “Coming soon!” for over two weeks now. I’m attached to its privacy. If I never hit the publish button, these words will remain mine – free from the comments and judgement that often accompany exposure. It would be so easy to keep this blog like a diary, to let the words pour out of my mind like a flood from my fingers, but to build a dam that stops them before they reach the rest of the world. It would be safe, it would be mine, and it would never have to be perfect.

God has given us beautiful gifts, but we cling to them and keep them close because we fear they aren’t perfect enough to share. This fear is a hindrance to us – when we hesitate to put ourselves out there, we miss opportunities to really connect with those around us. But I don’t want to be afraid anymore. My conversation last night inspired me to share, connect, and be vulnerable. So here it is, folks! Stay tuned for more as I learn more about God’s love for me, grow in my place, and explore more of the mountains that He’s put right in my backyard.

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Be encouraged, friends, that His perfect love casts out all fear, and that the shadows of darkness can’t deny the light that is the name of Jesus. Trusting in this allows us to let go of the shore and let our gifts carry us towards the purpose that God has for us, much like driftwood floats through the sea towards its new destination. I think there’s a lot to be learned from driftwood, actually. We can be rooted in a season of life, growing and thriving until we think we’ve reached our purpose, but suddenly it’s time to let go and float towards our new place, and all we can do is trust that God will put us somewhere perfect and beautiful. Because with Him, the best is always yet to come.

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