June Intentions

It’s been too long (as always) since I’ve written, but it’s a sunny June day and Bon Iver released a new song and it’s a new moon and I’m feeling creative and inspired and my fingers have just been itching to glide across my keyboard in waves of thoughts and emotions and exhalations of feelings held on my heart and deep in my lungs for too long.

All of it has combined and jumbled together and resulted in the following list of intentions for June.

  1. Live deeper. Deep conversations. Deep emotions. Deep and raw and real and BOLD prayers. You deserve more than a shallow life.
  2. Open the windows more often. Feel the sun on your skin.
  3. Tell your truth. Even when (especially when…) your truth involves putting up a boundary.
  4. Re-instill the social media timelines on your phone. Take pictures for you, not for them (whoever “they” are). Take in the beauty that surrounds you and thank the Artist for it without needing to post it anywhere. It was created for you.
  5. Move your body. Nourish it. Give it the love it deserves. And give your mind the love it deserves by not getting down on yourself if there’s ever a day where you don’t move and you don’t nourish.

I’m looking forward to writing again in July and letting you know how I’ve done with these. I know I won’t always do it perfectly, but in the meantime I’ll hold it all loosely and breathe a little deeper as I shed what’s unnecessary and get back in alignment with the things that bring joy and peace to my soul.

In case no one has told you lately, you deserve a life full of things that bring joy and peace to your soul too. Don’t ever think you don’t.

Stay beautiful,


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